Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest - Johnny Cash and June Carter (Full Episode)

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One of the most influential performers in country music history, Johnny Cash is featured with his wife June Carter in this rare early 1960s appearance which focuses on his country roots. Cash offers heartfelt performances of some his most famous songs, talks about his early years growing up in Arkansas and sheds light on the sources of his music.

1. Pete Seeger opening medley
2. Johnny Cash: I Am A Pilgrim 8:05
3. June Carter: Worried Man Blues 15:35
4. Johnny Cash: There's A Mother Always Waiting 24:32
5. Johnny Cash: Five Feet High and Rising 27:50
6. Johnny Cash: Pickin' time 30:05
7. Pete Seeger: Ki-Yo-Ti 32:42
8. Johnny Cash: As Long as the Grass Shall Grow 39:18
9. Pete Seeger: Little Birdie / Cripple Creek 43:40
10. June Carter: I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes 48:25