• clearwaterhome1Environmental Activism Since 1969

    New York City Friends of Clearwater, Inc.
     is a chartered sloop club of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc. We support Clearwater by teaching to protect the Hudson River and related waterways and shores, including New York Harbor through education, advocacy, and celebration.

    We have most recently been involved in educating and organizing around the issues of Hydrofracturing and the dangers of Indian Point nuclear facility. NYCFC's focus and energy is Environmental Education, emphasizing what each person can do to help affect changes they want to see. We have taught in schools, and educate at street fairs, in public forums, and at festivals throughout New York City. We educate NYCFC members and the public during our monthly meetings and our annual sail on the sloop Clearwater. We let people know about some of the problems facing the environment and simple things that everyone can do to help.
  • NYCFC Promotes Awareness of:
    • Preserving Drinking Water Quality
    • Hydrofacking dangers
    • Cleaning up nearby waters and surrounding shores 
    • Protecting our harbor from pollutants and sewage
    • The hazard of having a nuclear power plant near NYC
    • Dangers of new power plants planned on the Husdon
    • Alternate energy sources ie. Solar & Wind power
    • Making homes and businesses environmentally friendly
    • The benefits of recycling and the processes used
    • Preserving environmental regulations for Manhattans' Hudson River Park and other parks throughout the region
    • Incineration vs. Recycling
    • Love of the Hudson River - try human powered boating
    • The beauty of sail power. Come on our annual members sail on the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater
    • How YOU can help make our waters, shores, and drinking water cleaner and safer for the benefit of all the life on the planet.
  • New York City Friends of Clearwater, Inc. educates members and community on regional environmental issues that include protecting and preserving the Hudson River, NY Harbor, related waterways, drinking water, and life in and around these waters and shores.