Who We Are

NYCFC - Board of Directors

  • Roy Felshin, President
  • Talbot Katz, Vice President
  • Edie Kantrowitz, Vice President
  • Ken Katz, Treasurer
  • Jonathan Rubin, Secretary
  • Amy Bergenfeld
  • Brooke Dramer
  • Martha Gotwals
  • Donna Stein

Advisory Board


Robert Forenza
Ken Gale
Beth Lamont
Joel Landy
Chris Lang
Tom McManus
Harvey Newman
Ursula September
Maureen Shamus
Steve J. Sherman
Paul Sladkus
George Stadnik
Jeanne Stork
Adina Taylor
Gloria Waslyn
Cameron Williams


Past President
Carl Schwartz

We remember with gratitude and praise our wonderful Past President Carl Schwartz. If you were environmentally conscious, Carl wanted to work with you - and he wanted to empower you, to realize the best in you. Carl was a real dynamo, and he had the best birthday/winter holiday parties. He was several times NYCFC President, was a Croton Watershed Clean Water Coalition Board Member, and was a Hudson River Sloop Clearwater Board Member.

On the Good Sloop Clearwater:

l.Out of the foggy mist, as it from another world and time,
They came. Lead by a military armada so clear and imposing-
The past met the present.
Met the uniformly modern and conforming.
Out of the mist, clearer and clearer into view, they came—
In a parade of sail.
The music changed from a lockstep march.
Of “whirring” engines, pounding drums and guns,
To the fine tuned flowing sound of the wind
Kissing the clothen sails guiding the wooden forms
Gliding across the waves,
Occasionally broken by the salute of cannon fire.
Admiral meeting Captain Bly.
Cadets greeting The Pirates of Penzance.
The J.F.K. saluting the H.M.S. Pinafore.
How wonderful, How surrealistic, How Awesome.
Carl was also involved in the “Ships to Save the Waters” project, because he wanted to ensure our sustainability, and wanted everyone to be conscious of water, climate change, energy, and destructive gas drilling.  But, it’s the incredible people energy and enthusiasm, the emphasis he put on the “Friends” aspect of NYC Friends of Clearwater, that many of us miss most of all.  Here’s to our esteemed and charismatic former leader of NYC Friends of Clearwater - Carl Schwartz!