NYC Friends of Clearwater, Inc. is a community
that is organized around:

We bring exciting environmental speakers to inform the public at festivals, public events, and our monthly meetings with in-depth information about environmental issues relating to the Hudson River and other NYC Waterways.  These issues include topics such as our drinking water, energy, climate change, toxic pollution, and trade agreements. 

NYCFC uses a positive approach to environmental action by stating how improvements can be made. We meet with public and private agencies, community boards, and elected officials. We run letter-writing and petitioning drives. We network with other organizations. Together, WE CAN IMPROVE our region and our world. NYCFC WOULD LIKE MORE ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISTS.

Celebrating our harbor takes many forms. We sing and share food and ideas at meetings, special events, and our annual sail on the majestic 106 foot Hudson River Sloop Clearwater. We share music, storytelling, poetry, dance, art, etc; along with support for each other and the environment at monthly meetings Pasta Potpourris

Benefits include:

  • The satisfaction of participating in our environmental education efforts
  • Helping guide NYCFC into the future!
  • Annual NYCFC Members Sail on the sloop Clearwater.
  • Voting at meetings and being part of our process