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FIFTEEN WAYS TO FIGHT FRACKING: Yes, things that you can actually do that will make a big difference!

Tell everyone about the dangers of fracking. Educate your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers. Explain the many ways in which fracking is devastating to humans, water, air, forests, agriculture, livestock and wildlife. Explain why the DEC’s guidelines don’t go far enough, and why we need a complete ban on fracking in NY State.

Let Governor Cuomo know your opinions on fracking. Call him every Monday at 212-681-4580 or 518-474-8390. Send him letters, emails and faxes. And encourage others to do the same.

Contact other elected officials. For example, President Obama, senators, congressional representatives, state senators, assemblypersons, city council members. The League of Women Voters can provide all necessary contact info. Encourage others to do the same.

Write letters to editors. Express yourself in major newspapers, local newspapers, magazines and newsletters. Even better, write your own newsletter article. Encourage others to do this also.

Blog On. Respond to articles or posts about fracking, wherever you see them on the internet. Better still, start your own blog. Get your friends to do this, too.

Make a Visual Statement. Wear anti-fracking buttons and t-shirts as conversation starters. Put a sign in your window or on your front porch or lawn. And yep, encourage others (you get the idea by now).

Blanket the Neighborhood. Post literature on bulletin boards and leave materials in health food stores, supermarkets, banks. One good source of materials is Food and Water Watch.

Get Petitions Signed. Right in your own neighborhood, you can set up a table, or just speak to people with a clipboard. Or just give out informational fliers. We’ll help you get started.

Activate Your Networks. Everybody belongs to groups of one kind or another, and you’re the best person to start getting your group involved. Give out material, and make everyone aware of the issues. Better still, we can arrange a PowerPoint presentation, or a screening of Josh Fox’s anti-fracking movie Gaslands for your group. Or, you could have a Gaslands party in your home.

Become an Expert. Learn as much as you can about fracking, so that you can educate other folks. One good place to start is with the resource materials found at unitedforaction.org.

Become a “Bird Dog.” Attend events where public figures are speaking, and ask them tough questions about fracking. The media will love this.

Create a Happening. Got creativity? Get some friends and do some street theater to increase public awareness, or organize a flash mob. The possibilities are endless.

Comment on the draft supplemental EIS. This is very important. The formal comment period on the DEC guidelines should begin August 1st. It’s essential that as many people as possible submit lengthy and detailed comments explaining why the guidelines are totally inadequate to protect New York from this dangerous drilling process.

Show Up at the Rallies. There will be some truly major anti-fracking rallies happening in the late summer and fall. It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that as many people as possible show up. So make sure that you will be there, and bring as many friends as possible. There will be other protest demos going on all summer, too. (Gee, you could even organize one of your own.)

Work with Other Groups. There are lots of great activist groups already working in a coalition against fracking. Contact United For Action, Food and Water Watch, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter, NYH2O, and many others. Join with us, and let’s work together to STOP FRACKING NOW!