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Honoring Pete Seeger’s Vision

 We are very excited to present this event. 

Looking forward to seeing you there! Please get your tickets soon.

petebanjoHonoring Pete Seeger’s Vision: 
May 22nd Thursday 6:30 - 9:30 pm

NYC Friends of Clearwater with the NY Society for Ethical Culture present a night of song and remembrances of what Pete Seeger wanted for this planet and all people.

Pete Seeger touched so very many people’s lives. Even people who don’t immediately know the name, know his songs. The man and his music sang out for social justice, environmental justice, peace and equality.

We honor Pete Seeger’s Vision today. What he stood for, what he sang for and what he urged each of us to strive for.

Folk music moved the world with song and it will be a music filled evening! This dazzling lineup represents every phase of Pete’s musical development since he emerged from the McCarthy era. Veteran performers include the WalkAbout Clearwater Chorus, David Amram, Guy Davis, Christine Lavin, Oscar Brand, Charlie King, Happy Traum, David Bernz. You’ll also hear the next generation heirs of Pete’s legacy, Jacob Bernz and Matt Emmer.

Speakers include Manna Jo Greene, Environmental Action Director of Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Paul Gallay, President of Riverkeeper and Chief Oren Lyons, a Faithkeeper for the Onondaga Nation.

Sloop club representatives from up and down the Hudson will share how Pete inspired them, including NYCFC past presidents Talbot Katz and Jeanne Stork, presidents Ed Dlugosz  of  NJ Friends of Clearwater, Saul Rozinsky of Beacon Sloop Club, Marcia Kaplan-Mann of Brooklyn Sloop Club, Warren Lindstrom of Riverlovers, Chris Greico of Ferrysloops and Donna Stein of NYC Friends of Clearwater. Susan Murphy of Ulster Friends of Clearwater sends her best anecdote.

Please reserve your space at http://petesvision.eventbrite.com as soon as possible before we promote this event to the general public. Online tickets are $12 plus a small processing fee. Donations can be made online as well. Admission is kept affordable as Pete would like, and space permitting no one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

If you know someone who is not online, or does not wish to order online, please help them out by ordering tickets for them.  If ordering online is absolutely not an option or if you are in need of a scholarship please leave a message to make arrangements at 347.796.0602.

A portion of proceeds go to the Pete Seeger Environmental Educators Network, a NYCFC Project to promote Pete's ideals and the promise of youth.

May 22nd Thursday 6:30 - 9:30 pm at the New York Society for Ethical Culture 2 West 64th St, Auditorium

Tickets: http://petesvision.eventbrite.com

Note: Please order online where possible as it will be difficult logistically to handle too many offline requests.