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  • Cuomo Sacrifices Southern Tier: Urgent Action Needed!

Cuomo Sacrifices Southern Tier: Urgent Action Needed!

Thanks to David Braun/UFA and Ellen Osuna and our many friends in movement to bring attention to bring attention to this threat to our water, land and air.

Cuomo is about to open the state to fracking, giving the drillers a foot in the door which will not stop at the Southern Tier.  Even if it did, all New Yorkers, all people, all beings, have the right to clean water and air.  People are rightfully saying that all NYrs should get equal protection, that buffering the NYC and Syracuse watersheds and not other watersheds, is inherently unfair.  While this is absolutely true and a matter of human rights and environmental justice, it is also completely false to equate a 1,000 foot buffer as "protection".   NYCs watershed will not be "protected".  The attached document from a geologist, very informative and not that long, explains the realities of upward migration of chemicals, well casing leakage, which is inevitable, how fracking opens up pathways in the rock.   

NY Times article -

Author is taking questions
.  The "HydroQuest" paper attached can be helpful in crafting questions / comments.

Please call Governor Cuomo today and demand that he permanently ban fracking in New York: (518) 474-8390

The New York Times is reporting that Governor Cuomo is ready to Frack New York. He plans on starting in the Southern Tier and creating a Sacrifice Zone. We need to respond and let the Governor know that we will NOT sacrifice the health of residents of the Southern Tier for gas industry profits.

Forward this message to your friends, family and neighbors. Ask them to call to protect our air, water, families and communities! Get on Facebook and Twitter and use the power of social media to spread this message far and wide! Let's make sure that there is NOTHING on Gov. Cuomo's Facebook wall today except our contempt for his disregard of the lives of New Yorkers! Tweet at the Governor using his handle @NYGovCuomo.

Why are the people of New York City more important than those in the Southern Tier?! NO SACRIFICE ZONES!
This is the time to make a difference, make a call, write a letter, make yourself heard!