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Join Us For Our Monthly Meeting Today


INVITE! NYCFC Monthly PotLuck /Live music SingAlong/ Teach In on Upcoming UN Rio + 20


Please join us at New York City Friends of Clearwater's monthly gathering May 18th 6:30pm- 9:30pm


Each month we cover topics of environmental interest. The gathering opens with song, the guest speakers and Q&A is next, then the rest of the evening we play music and sing!  Joel Landy will be performing with IP and fracking spoofs that are as insiteful as they are funny and hopefully Peter Pasco will be back! We welcome you to bring your voices, musical instruments.


Tonight is a Teach In on Rio+20. If you have never heard of it or just wanted to understand it better come tonight.. There are many different perspectives on the Rio+20 Earth Summit based on the viewpoints and interests of the various participants, which range from governmental representatives to civil society organizations that do not have standing to participate in the official meetings. Here is the Web site for Global Transitions 2012, which is providing innovative ways to think about sustainability:  globaltransition2012.org/about-us


Speakers: Prof Lisa DeCaprio of NYC Dept of Sustainability,

Ted Schulman of OWS Earth Summit Working Group, Catherine Skopic the UN task force on Rio+20

OccupyTheEarth.net  helps understand Rio+20


Reclaiming our Future:

1. Global participatory democracy - deeper public participation the UN and global governance.

2. Harmony with Nature - the People's Earth Summit

3. Introduction of new economic paradigms, eg, Sacred Economics, Resource Based Economy

4. Creation of more meaningful measurement to replace the GNP, example: the Happy Planet Index and the open data movement

5. New values, teach our children to think, example: TheHawnFoundation


At least three outcomes are expected from Rio+20"

1. The Rio Declaration

2. The Rio Recommendations

3. The Rio Actions Dialogue affects this - accepting input  to June 6th

 There is opportunity for impact. The more a specific topic shows up, the more weight it may have.


Please attend and bring your neighbor, friend, co-worker, family to enjoy an evening with like minded people, great food, great music, timely topics and lively discussions.


Location: DC 37, 140 Park Place/125 Barclay St. Rm9  Chambers St exit on the E train.(btwn Greenwich St.& WestSt.) *New Location!*  


New York City Friends of Clearwater is an environmental education organization that believes in celebration through music and community. We are a chartered sloop club of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, the organization founded by folk musician and activist Pete Seeger 40+ years ago to clean up the Hudson River.

We hope you come to eat, sing and learn with us on

Friday, 5/18.

June 8th will be a report back on the May 17th NRC hearing on relicensing of Indian Point

“It’s as clear as water; we need to change!”