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4th Annual NYCFC Water Festival Connect the Dots & Albany After Party

Join us on Sunday & Monday Aug 26th & 27th, 2012 for the
4th Annual NYC Friends of Clearwater Water Festival 
Connect the Dots:
Pipelines-HydroFracking-Nukes &|
Albany After Party!!! 

This year we are having a two day Water Festival!
Aug 26th Sunday - PotLuck Picnic and Water Fun at the park by Pier 96 includes a day of Free kayaking! (picnic area sw of park)

Noon to to 3pm. Potluck Picnic at 56th St & the Hudson River
10:30 to 12 join in the Kayak fun at the pier
Organizations tabling = spreading a blanket, sharing food and info.
August 27th Monday Eve Water Festival
FREE Concert, Environmental Speakers, Party!
6:30 to10:30pm at Pier 66 Maritime/Frying Pan, W 26 Street in Manhattan

Many of our fractivist friends will be returning from Albany on Monday evening after very important actions to influence the governor to prevent fracking in NY State. We welcome them and celebrate their efforts with a great end to the day!

We have plenty of fabulous music and speakers on the most important environmental issues facing us today. Gas Pipelines, Hydrofracking, Nuclear, Pollution of our Waterways are an Assault on people and the earth.

Ken Gale of WBAI’s Eco-Logic moderates

Musicians ♦Joel Landy ♦ Ray Korona♦ Russell Daisey♦Jenny Hurwitz♦
Peoples Puppets of OWS ♦NYCMetro Raging Grannies ♦Peter Pasco♦ and many other inspiring activist performers


Like minded people get together.

Cuomo Sacrifices Southern Tier: Urgent Action Needed!

Thanks to David Braun/UFA and Ellen Osuna and our many friends in movement to bring attention to bring attention to this threat to our water, land and air.

Cuomo is about to open the state to fracking, giving the drillers a foot in the door which will not stop at the Southern Tier.  Even if it did, all New Yorkers, all people, all beings, have the right to clean water and air.  People are rightfully saying that all NYrs should get equal protection, that buffering the NYC and Syracuse watersheds and not other watersheds, is inherently unfair.  While this is absolutely true and a matter of human rights and environmental justice, it is also completely false to equate a 1,000 foot buffer as "protection".   NYCs watershed will not be "protected".  The attached document from a geologist, very informative and not that long, explains the realities of upward migration of chemicals, well casing leakage, which is inevitable, how fracking opens up pathways in the rock.   

NY Times article -

Author is taking questions
.  The "HydroQuest" paper attached can be helpful in crafting questions / comments.

Please call Governor Cuomo today and demand that he permanently ban fracking in New York: (518) 474-8390

The New York Times is reporting that Governor Cuomo is ready to Frack New York. He plans on starting in the Southern Tier and creating a Sacrifice Zone. We need to respond and let the Governor know that we will NOT sacrifice the health of residents of the Southern Tier for gas industry profits.

Forward this message to your friends, family and neighbors. Ask them to call to protect our air, water, families and communities! Get on Facebook and Twitter and use the power of social media to spread this message far and wide! Let's make sure that there is NOTHING on Gov. Cuomo's Facebook wall today except our contempt for his disregard of the lives of New Yorkers! Tweet at the Governor using his handle @NYGovCuomo.

Why are the people of New York City more important than those in the Southern Tier?! NO SACRIFICE ZONES!
This is the time to make a difference, make a call, write a letter, make yourself heard!

Join Us For Our Monthly Meeting Today


INVITE! NYCFC Monthly PotLuck /Live music SingAlong/ Teach In on Upcoming UN Rio + 20


Please join us at New York City Friends of Clearwater's monthly gathering May 18th 6:30pm- 9:30pm


Each month we cover topics of environmental interest. The gathering opens with song, the guest speakers and Q&A is next, then the rest of the evening we play music and sing!  Joel Landy will be performing with IP and fracking spoofs that are as insiteful as they are funny and hopefully Peter Pasco will be back! We welcome you to bring your voices, musical instruments.


Tonight is a Teach In on Rio+20. If you have never heard of it or just wanted to understand it better come tonight.. There are many different perspectives on the Rio+20 Earth Summit based on the viewpoints and interests of the various participants, which range from governmental representatives to civil society organizations that do not have standing to participate in the official meetings. Here is the Web site for Global Transitions 2012, which is providing innovative ways to think about sustainability:  globaltransition2012.org/about-us


Speakers: Prof Lisa DeCaprio of NYC Dept of Sustainability,

Ted Schulman of OWS Earth Summit Working Group, Catherine Skopic the UN task force on Rio+20

OccupyTheEarth.net  helps understand Rio+20


Reclaiming our Future:

1. Global participatory democracy - deeper public participation the UN and global governance.

2. Harmony with Nature - the People's Earth Summit

3. Introduction of new economic paradigms, eg, Sacred Economics, Resource Based Economy

4. Creation of more meaningful measurement to replace the GNP, example: the Happy Planet Index and the open data movement

5. New values, teach our children to think, example: TheHawnFoundation


At least three outcomes are expected from Rio+20"

1. The Rio Declaration

2. The Rio Recommendations

3. The Rio Actions Dialogue affects this - accepting input  to June 6th

 There is opportunity for impact. The more a specific topic shows up, the more weight it may have.


Please attend and bring your neighbor, friend, co-worker, family to enjoy an evening with like minded people, great food, great music, timely topics and lively discussions.


Location: DC 37, 140 Park Place/125 Barclay St. Rm9  Chambers St exit on the E train.(btwn Greenwich St.& WestSt.) *New Location!*  


New York City Friends of Clearwater is an environmental education organization that believes in celebration through music and community. We are a chartered sloop club of the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, the organization founded by folk musician and activist Pete Seeger 40+ years ago to clean up the Hudson River.

We hope you come to eat, sing and learn with us on

Friday, 5/18.

June 8th will be a report back on the May 17th NRC hearing on relicensing of Indian Point

“It’s as clear as water; we need to change!”



ReNEW New York

Solar in the City Discussion Series on Renewable Energy
What is New York’s Solar Energy Potential?

January 19th 6:15–9:30pm
The Community Church of New York
40 East 35th Street (Park & Madison)
Suggested $5-10 donation

What are the best methods to make solar power a reality in New York? Among the suggested models are: Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs); Net Metering; Feed-in Tariffs; and Community Choice Aggregation. How is the average New Yorker to make sense of these options?

Panel Discussion with:

Alison Kling, NYC Solar Map
Anthony Pereira, altPOWER, Inc.
John Siciliani, JFS Renewables LLC
Megan Matson, Lean Energy, US
Moderator: Ran Kohn, Cleantech Corridor

Series Co-Sponsors: The Environmental Task Force of The Congregation of Saint Saviour; The Green Sanctuary Committee of the Community Church of New York, UU; NYC Friends of Clearwater; Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter Gas Drilling Task Force; Tri-State Food Not Lawns/Neighborhood Energy Network; NY Climate Action Group; Sane Energy Project; United for Action; WBAI’s Eco-logic

Deadline for Comments to the DEC on SGEIS

Thanks to our friends at United for Action for compiling this information. http://unitedforaction.org/2011/10/13/dec-sgeis-comment-action-center/

Submit Comments to DEC on the SGEIS by 5:00 pm January 11, 2012! Postmarked by then or sent via DEC website.

We want the DEC to receive as many comments as possible on its Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement which paves the way for fracking in NY State. We’re hoping to drown DEC in comments. Please write comments using your own words. Form letters are less effective. Written comments will be accepted by DEC if received by DEC or postmarked by January 11, 2012 by two methods only. Written letter mailed to DEC or electronic submission using a web-based comment form available on DEC’s website http://www.dec.ny.gov/energy/76838.html which we’ve been told is not that user friendly. Comments that are faxed, telephoned, or emailed to the DEC will not be accepted for the official record. We’re encouraging people to submit comments to DEC by regular mail because we’ve been told that letters are more effective.

Mail your comments to:

Attn: dSGEIS Comments
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-6510 

Mail a copy to the Governor, your State Senator, and your Assemblyperson to let them know how seriously voters are taking this and that we’re holding them accountable:
The Honorable Andrew Cuomo, Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

For more info: http://unitedforaction.org/2011/10/13/dec-sgeis-comment-action-center/

If you are submitting your comments to DEC electronically, please remember to print out a hard copy and send it to Cuomo, your State Senator and Assemblyperson.

Suggestions for Writing Comments

  • Keep your comments focused. Give a paragraph or two to each concern rather than discussing all of your concerns in one long paragraph.
  • If you can, make it clear what section and topic in the Draft you are referring to in your comments.
  • Every comment matters, but comments with concrete suggestions and with references to articles and papers, are especially useful.
  • For clarity, we encourage you to write separate comments on each topic. You may send in multiple letters to DEC covering different topics in each letter.
  • Sign your letter individually with your address. If you include a group affiliation, they could be grouped together and counted as one single comment.

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