Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest - Roscoe Holcomb and Jean Redpath (Full Episode)

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Roscoe Holcombs is an extraordinary banjo and guitar player from Hazard, Kentucky who performs traditional music of such power that Eric Clapton was moved to call him "his favourite country musician". Roscoe is joined on this program by balladeer Jean Redpath, who sings Scottish songs with tenderness and affection.

1. Pete Seeger opening medley
2. Roscoe Holcomb: Little Birdie 12:15
3. Roscoe Holcomb: Graveyard Blues 16:38
4. Roscoe Holcomb: Little Gray Mule 22:43
5. Roscoe Holcomb: Rocky Mountain 25:36
6. Jean Redpath: The Beggar Laddie 31:34
7. Jean Redpath: Skye Fisher's Song 35:45
8. Jean Redpath: I Lost Ma Love 42:30
9. All: Miss McCloud's Reel medley 44:55
10. All: Auld Lang Syne 47:25