Pete Seeger's Rainbow Quest - Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem and Tom Paxton (Full Episode)

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The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem were one of the most popular Irish singing acts of the 1960s. Forgoing the stereotypical maudlin Irish ballads in favour of lusty party songs and traditional American and Irish folk songs sung in close harmony, in a few short years they rose from the clubs of Greenwich Village to worldwide tours in front of packed houses. The Clancys are joined on the show by Tom Paxton, one of the finest singer/songwriters to emerge from New York's Greenwich Village coffee house circuit of the early 1960s.

1. Pete Seeger opening medley
2. Clancys and T. Makem: The Little Beggar Man
3. Clancys and T. Makem: The Old Woman from Wexford
4. Clancys and T. Makem: The Butcher Boy
5. Clancys and T. Makem: Never Play the Wild Rover
6. Tom Paxton: When the Lights Went Out
7. Tom Paxton: Buy a Gun for Your Son
8. Tom Paxton: Rambling Boy
9. Tom Paxton: Beau John
10. Pete Seeger: Talking Colombia Blues
11. Pete Seeger: Pastures of Plenty
12. Pete Seeger: The Land is Your Land