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My attempt to have a little fun while explaining the ideas and concepts of an "RBE". The full version of the "Resource Based Economy / Zeitgeist Movement Game" is just under two hours. This edited version is 50 minutes, and covers most of the "questions", but with less detail. If you're interested in seeing the full version, the playlist begins here --

Jacque Fresco coined the term "Resource Based Economy" and goes into detail with this train of thought on his website. Please visit, and check out the "Paradise or Oblivion" video on the homepage.
"The Venus Project" -

The Zeitgeist Movement supports this train of thought...
... and Peter Joseph does a great job of explaining this stuff. If you haven't seen his videos, here are a few for starters.
"Arriving at a RBE --
"Where Are We Now?" --
"Where Are We Going?" --

His two documentary-films related to the RBE are Must See!
Zeitgeist Addendum --
Zeitgeist, Moving Forward --

Many other sites are supporting the ideas and concepts of a Resource Based Economy, such as...
The Freeworld Charter -
A Resource Based Economy -