Jeremy Rifkin: The Empathic Civilization / Ross Institute Summer Academy 2010

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Jeremy Rifkin's 2010 lecture to Ross faculty discussing the role of empathy in education. He argues that society has been living off outdated ideas that are increasingly dysfunctional and that we need to actively work to change our mode of consciousness. With a belief that human beings are 'soft wired' for empathy, he pleads for educators and society at large to nurture and cultivate this empathy in students in an effort to form a global, biospheric consciousness.

Jeremy Rifkin is founder and president of the Foundation on Economic Trends. Since 1994, he has been a senior lecturer at Wharton School's Executive Education Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Rifkin is the principal architect of the EU's Third Industrial Revolution long-term economic sustainability plan and has been influential in shaping public policy both in the US and around the world to ensure responsible government policies on environmental, scientific and technology related issues.

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