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Fracking Blurb: What can you do?

Fracking remains a crucial issue. We bring you much information you need to know. Two years ago Joe Levine, of NYH2O.org, first spoke to us in our best-attended meeting in years. Unfortunately the need to be vigilant about this real threat to our drinking water, food, lands and wildlife is not going away.

On March 1st, 2011 there was a six hour City Council hearing on hydrofracturing that I attended. Every environmental organization was there and spoke to the history, science, economics, politics and dangers of this environmental disaster. Talking about it isnʼt enough. We seek to educate you then hopefully you wonʼt be able to sit still armed with that information!

You are not powerless. There is something, no matter how small or large that you can do. Write a letter, talk to a neighbor, address your school class. Love thy neighbor, value the earth as a friend, a good neighbor. The earth gives you fish and apples and clean water. A polluted earth is a bad neighbor that will give you none of that.

This is one of the times in history that you can make a real difference for our future. Do something about it.