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Fractivists Take Actions Against Fracking and Cuomo!

First up: A Weekend of Workshops 8/25 & 8/26

village7n-1-webTwo days of interactive panels, strategy sessions, NVDA training, hosted by activist leaders from all over the state. More than 200 expected to attend. HIGHLIGHTS: Saturday @ 1:30, Building Affinity--How to Activate Our Allies, with Iris Bloom, Larry Bennett, David Braun, Laurie Spaeth, Reverend Sam Trumbore, and Green Umbrella. Saturday @ 3:45, Fighting for Local Control--Democracy from the Ground Up, with Kelly Branigan, Toshia Hance, Isaac Silberman-Gorn, and others. Sunday @ 10:45, Mapping the Industry outlines areas targeted by drillers, with Mary Finneran, Lou Allstadt, Martha Cameron, and more. Sunday @ 1:30, Finding Tactics that Work, with Dave Publow and Occupy friends. Check the complete schedule (subject to change).

Remember this? How much fun did we have last December, at the DEC hearings in NYC, reciting a promise to Governor Cuomo that we wouldn't allow fracking in New York? This is going to be even more fun:

This time, Sandra Steingraber will lead us as we recite the Pledge to Resist Fracking, in unison, at the Capitol in Albany, out loud. REAL LOUD. Don't miss this.

Speakers will include: Bill McKibbon, Josh Fox, Al Appleton, Tony Avella, Sandra Steingraber, Helen Slottje, Debra Winger, and grassroots leaders from affected areas such as Ruth Young, Bill Feldman, Pramilla Valley, Maya Van Rossum, and many others. Street theater and mock actions are planned along the route, which includes a stop at our favorite government agency, the DEC.

THIS IS IT. This is when we all need to show up and explain to Cuomo that we won't allow fracking ANYWHERE in New York State, that we won't allow any "test cases," that we're not going to fall for "sacrifice zones." We're in this together. And we need to all be there, together.

Get all the info on buses, parking, etc at Don't Frack New York.

Start the action before the action! Local activists have initiated the No Frack Caravan! No matter where you're starting from, join up all along the route to Albany: Fracktivists from all corners of the state will decorate their vehicles with signs and banners, and form a joyous, colorful and noisy parade into Albany to announce their arrival! The caravan will grow as it proceeds along Route 20, I-88 and the Thruway! Get the details on where to join in here. Plan to arrive in Albany in time for the 11am Rally, and leave extra travel time to really enjoy the caravan!

Start the day at the Hudson River in Albany--End the day at the Hudson River in NYC! Celebrate our statewide solidarity with a party hosted by NYC Friends of Clearwater, at Pier 66M / the Frying Pan (Hudson River at 26th Street). After the bus ride home (which lets off just blocks away), we'll join NYCFC's aptly-timed Water Festival, with performances by Joel Landy, Ray Korona, Jenny Hurwitz, The NYC Metro Raging Grannies, Alex Greenleaf, Russell Daisey, Peter Pasco and others, plus the Peoples Puppets of OWS! "Connect the Dots" is the theme. Speakers will address the connections between pipelines, hydrofracking, coal, Indian Point, and climate change. Connecting with the successes of the past is important too and the heroes of the Westway and Shoreham actions will be there also. Ken Gale, host of WBAI's Eco-Logic, moderates.

OK, so we're ready! Is Cuomo Ready? Yeah, probably, he's been hearing from us a lot lately . . .